does baelfire die

does baelfire die

After casting a preservation spell on Henry and taking him back to the Lost Boys' camp, Regina, along with Emma and Mary Margaret, go looking for Pan; when he underestimates the Queen, she is able to rip her son's heart from Pan's body and return it to Henry aboard the Jolly Roger, where he regains his consciousness. Feeling sorry, Neal offers her his scarf as it covers the stain, putting it around her neck. He returns to the guest room to find Henry waiting outside. That night, Bae is led away by mysterious music played by a piper dressed in pied. The three of them go to the well to find Regina with Henry, having stopped the dynamite ploy but still planning to use a curse on him to make him love her. During the trek to the palace, Belle expresses hopes to Neal that he will see his family again. Belle, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold bring back Pan, who is actually Henry, since the two switched bodies. ("The Queen Is Dead", "Only You"), With Henry's help, Neal pilots the Jolly Roger from New York to Storybrooke. Episode Title: (#201) "Broken". Portrayed by: Using the dagger, Beowulf commands him to stand still as he goes to get the villagers. The mention of magic displeases Baelfire, who shares his own experience of it destroying his whole life, and will do the same to her family as well. ("Tallahassee"), At an older age, Neal begins residing in New York City. ("The Crocodile"), Years later, another Ogre Wars occurs. Rumple decides not to believe her, but when one of her more minor predictions comes tr… Human Later, when Henry becomes the new Author, he thinks about writing it so that his father's alive. He goes on to reveal that he gave Belle a fake dagger and keeps the real one on his person, but he only did so to avenge Neal's death by killing the Wicked Witch, Zelena, soon after he proposed. While in the forest, Mr. Gold returns in his body while Neal becomes dormant. Rumple points out that he'd be killed, but Milah simply tells him to kill Fendrake first, proceeding to spend their final gold coin on a knife. Neal quickly latches onto the Shadow and is flown back to Neverland. While doing so, Neal is confronted by August, who claims Emma is meant to do something greater rather than live a life of a petty thief. Baelfire is the son of the village coward, Rumplestiltskin. ("Ariel"), To capture Pan's Shadow, Neal walks everyone else through the plan of tracking the creature down at Dark Hollow, which is home to all captured shadows. Oops." At the right time, he knocks Felix unconscious and then flees. The following is a list of characters who have been killed off in the series, or that were already dead to begin with, organized into different periods of time before and after the Dark Curse. Emma does this, and Baelfire eventually dies in Emma's arms, with a sad Rumplestiltskin watching over him. In a group discussion, Belle shares knowledge about the flying monkey's origins in the land of Oz, so Regina determines the person in the palace is the Wicked Witch. Henry wonders where his mother is going, but she refuses to relent information, leading him to ask if it's to do with the person who murdered his father; she answers positively. Emma and Henry are touched to hear the latter's late father honored in this way. By rowboat, Neal, Emma, Mr. Gold and Regina ascend onto Skull Rock to stop Pan. She refuses to stop, which he figured, and she also wonders where he is now. In a phone call, Belle tells Emma that Neal's palm marking is a symbol from a key which opens the Vault of the Dark One, meaning he must have used it at some point to revive Mr. Gold. Neal scares her by suddenly popping up from the back and noting that she could have just asked him for the keys. Pan, after overpowering Mr. Gold in the pawnshop, freezes Neal and his friends before choosing Neal as the one he should kill. She turns it into a stuffed animal which she then gives to Roland, and when the creature is identified, Belle realizes that it must be from the land of Oz, having read about such things in her book. Rumple is glad that his son has a strong name and Milah states that he'll need one if he's Rumple's son, knowing what he did to be sent home as rumors spread fast from the front line. The first was. When Gold arrives, he manages to break the spell, but inside they find that Regina is unconscious and the Dark Curse is gone - Pan has stolen it and plans to cast it again, sending all of Storybrooke's residents to a world of his own dark making. Phillip flips Neal over to his front and asks if he's alive; Aurora places her hands on his face and neck, feeling Neal's pulse, and says that he is - but barely. ("Nasty Habits"), Eventually, Baelfire is able to trap the shadow in a coconut and use it to fly away from Neverland, back to the land without magic. However, two minds in one head drives Rumplestiltskin to insanity. When villagers beg Rumplestiltskin to fight a beast called Grendel, which several villagers, including Beowulf, have gone to slay unsuccessfully, Baelfire encourages his father to do it without using magic, as proof to the villagers that he's not a monster. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning") After spending time as one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys, Bae seeks out a home of his own by taking up residence on one of the island's caves. Emma says that it will take her a while to get used to that before going on to say that she wishes Pinocchio would remember the warning he tried to give before he was "rebooted". Within Mr. Gold's body, Neal helps him resist Zelena's orders, which she uses via the dagger. According to his wanted poster, Neal was born March 23, 1977. Feigning surprise at witnessing actual magic, Tamara decides to stay in Storybrooke for Neal's sake. Oh. Unhappy with the life she leads, Milah talks about wishing to explore and see the world, and she tries to entertain the idea to her husband. Later, when Neal's in the shower, Tamara visits Greg Mendell in his room and has sex with him, the two of them being part of an ongoing affair. Gold is pleased as well ("There's No Place Like Home"), Following his wedding to Belle, Mr. Gold pays a visit to Neal's grave where he recounts a story of Bae's childhood, talking about the time when a scared Baelfire climbed into bed with his papa during a storm and, for the first time, Rumple felt like an adult because he was able to comfort his child and take care of him... until the Dark One's dagger came along and changed everything for the worse. First appearance: When she's made to go to Neal by her father, the date is again halted when a scream is heard. Rumple refuses this. Sometime later, he meets up with August, who tells him Emma was sentenced to eleven months in jail and is in a minimum security prison in Phoenix.

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